Despite the progress of other forms of advertising, television is still the Undisputed King of Media. While it lacks some of the metrics of online marketing, no other form of advertising can reach such a large number of consumers at once.

Over the years Cre8tv Media has had many successful clients who have seen incredible revenue increases with television advertising on a local, regional and national level, and we believe your company can experience the same healthy boost with better reach and brand awareness with our help.

The three commercial areas in which we concentrate our efforts and expertise are:

Short Form TV
Local, Regional, National)
5, 10, 15, 30 seconds

(Direct Response)
60, 90, 120 seconds
Long Form TV
Typically 30 minutes

Short Form Television Commercials

Typically up to 30 seconds in length… these commercials are the most abundant on the air today basically because of the average person’s attention span. Your seeing more 15 second TV spots today as well, as we realize that people are becoming even more impatient then they once were and their attentions are now divided up among many more stimuli. The “bookend” concept of running the 15 second spot at the front and rear of a commercial break is a very popular move theses days – and can be very effective.

Direct Response Television Commercials

These commercials are in the 60 to 120 second range primarily because of the amount of time needed to explain the product/service which may be at a broader price point.  For the most part, any product over the classic $19.95 price point, a DRTV spot would be used.

Long Form Commercial Television – Infomercials

30 minutes (28.5, but who’s counting) in length and can be designed to showcase a wide variety of products and services through a wide variety of presentation themes.  Depending upon your brand, an infomercial has endless possibilities as to how that brand can be showcased. On camera hosts and/or celebrities can discuss, present, sell and teach the viewer all about your product or service.  Infomercials are part of a comprehensive advertising strategy that can literally make your product a household name if it takes hold – the power of this Long Form DRTV option is phenomenal if done correctly.