A promotional video is a great way to reach out to your customer base and spread the good news about your business.  A promotional video could be for a product, a service, an event, or even a philanthropic cause or corporate culture that you’re proud of.  To get the most out of your promotional video, try to keep the subject to a single subject. That will keep your video focused, and your message strong. 

TIP: Click on the HD button when playing and select 'H.264 1280px' to maximize playback resolution!

Truly successful promotional video productions take it a step further.  It’s important to think empathetically: to focus on the aspects of your product or service that get your audience revved up.
Our process is tailor made to hone in on the unique aspects of an audience and bring them to bare on a project. Once you’ve identified your audience and their needs, then you’re more than half way to a successful video production.