Cre8tv Media designs, creates, hosts, promotes and markets your web presence… from start to finish!

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  • Multiple devices/delivery channels
  • 3rd party integrations

We’ve got you covered from practically every facet of your project’s needs. And if we don’t, we’re always up to the challenge and ready to learn the new skills and knowledge to tackle even the hardest of projects.

A Few of Our Website Clients

Judith Jackson

Ecommerce, Informational



Informational, Ecommerce, Events

Tool, Inc.

Industrial / Manufacturing, Informational

Deep Sleep
Science, Inc.

Informational, Ecommerce, CRM/Email Marketing

Here are the 3 core steps we take to achieve your website design & creation…

STEP #1: Web Design Wireframes

Wireframes are like a blue print. In this step, we are figuring out where everything should go.

  • The most important content of the site?
  • Should an element or content live on the page?
  • Where should visitors be directed to in the site?
  • How do visitors move through the site?

These are the types of things we try to figure out during this process.

STEP #2: Style-tiles/Mood boards

Here we start to identify the look and feel of the visual direction of your site. Style-tiles are a collection of common elements that will exist on the site like headings, body text, images, and other elements. These help to communicate the direction the site will go.

Website Design Prototype

This is where we combine both the wireframes and the style tiles into the completed Design Prototype.

However, you don’t see the entire site at this point. We only design the unique pages. On many of the other pages we will have similar elements like a side menu or images or a particular layout. Since these show up multiple times throughout the site there is no need to design every page.

STEP #3: Visual/Interface Design

This is the part of the project most people think of when they hear the term “web design” and “user experience design.” We continue to build on top of what we’ve learned and planned out up to this point. Then, we present our best graphic design solution for your application.

We deliver a single visual design that is a culmination of everything we have learned about you, your clients and the problems you are trying to solve.

You then give us feedback, we update the design, and repeat if necessary.

Additional Web Services from Cre8tv Media

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Website Hosting

Web hosting is an optional service that we provide for our clients and the pricing is based on a few factors. The goal is to attract as many visitors to your new website as possible – specifically, visitors that will eventually (better sooner then later) spend money for your services or on your products. As the word gets out and more visitors go to your site, there is an ongoing usage of something called “bandwidth”. This is the alotted amount of transferred data, usually on a monthly basis, that you’ll have assigned to your hosting plan.  The more bandwith per month, the higher the fee for allowing the greater amount of data transfer.  The larger the files on your site, the more bandwidth you will use as well.  This is why it is important to optimize your site’s files and structure for efficient data transfers.

Cre8tv Media has a hosting plan for your specific needs and your budget.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is all about keeping the site running smoothly.  It’s like having a trainer for your sports team – when a player goes down, the trainer runs out and takes care of the problem. But more importantly, to minimize those “problems”, the trainer works with the team long before and after the game to condition players properly so such problems won’t occur to begin with…We can help to minimize problems and maximize the efficiency of your website with a Website Maintenance package designed for your application.

Logo Design

Branding your company and your new website is of the utmost importance when establishing a new presence. This is your opportunity to make a great first impression! And they say you never get a second chance to make a first impression… A creatively designed logo can subliminally establish your brand without saying a word. Logo design fees range start at $500. We present 3 options and then we go from there. Logo animation is also a very effective branding tool as we can provide this for you as well.

Web Motion Graphics & Animation

Whether you’re producing video, video with added motion graphics, or pure animation, it’s important to think about how you’re going to stand out from the competition. This isn’t always easy but there are few ways you can make sure your visual content will stay in the mind of your audience for all the right reasons.

The benefit of animation is that it makes it easier to come up with something creative and unique.

Branding is just as vital for web videos as it is for any other kind of marketing material so it’s worth coming up with a signature style for all the visual content you are putting out. This style could include a logo, a specific font, or a strict palette of colours, and will help your audience to recognize your content. Motion graphics allow for even deeper customization and tailoring of a video to your brand’s style. Every colour can be exact, every letter the perfect size, and every element of the video made to fit in with your branding.

Even if you don’t want to go all in and have a fully animated video there are plenty of options for integrating motion graphics into your web videos which can make them stand out. Whether it’s something subtle to illustrate what’s going on inside of something or a way of conveying abstract ideas that couldn’t be easily expressed in any other medium, animation can accentuate and elevate live-action video to turn it into something more engaging and memorable.

Virtual – Interactive Tours

A virtual tour is a great way to allow your offsite website visitors the opportunity to take a “tour” of your facilities. It’s all done through a series of video modules (60-90 seconds each) that are activated as the visitor interactively clicks on the various areas from an overhead view of the grounds or a map of your facilities. This has been an effective online marketing tool for many industries from Nurseries and Garden Centers, high schools, colleges and universities, corporate campuses and real estate properties across the country.

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